Medicinal Chemistry’s

Medicinal Chemistry

ProfileHIT opens up a prospect to the Medicinal Chemistry’s players regarding the rationalization of their R&D efforts, offering a biological-properties-based screening of their chemo-libraries.

Synthetic or natural, your innovative molecules are poorly screened, or if they are, it is mainly regarding only one particular indication and never in a blind manner. By doing so, their full potential is largely under-estimated.

The objectivization offered by ProfileHIT allows you generating industrial proprietorship, through the quest of additional properties. Moreover, it permits to identify new application fields for your compounds.

Based on your chemo-libraries or extract-libraries, ProfileHIT provides you with a whole-profiling onto the functions of the human  vascular-system, filling the gap between the Biology and the Chemistry areas.

Thus, these profilings constitute a safe way to bring new active and innovative molecules to your customers.