Early Profiling for faster and safer market access

ProfileHIT is a French CRO exploring the pharmacological properties of new compounds, coming from natural products (algae, mushrooms, plants…), Medicinal Chemistry, Biotechnologies or from Agro-Food Industry.

Through an innovative approach, ProfileHIT brings an early access to the biological potential of new molecules.
Based on its inedite detection-methods, ProfileHIT provides an early access to the therapeutic potential of a molecule allowing a fast determination of its future clinical uses, targets or indications. Furthermore, this screening-strategy enables the exclusion from the pipeline of some of the compounds which would present toxicities over the further testing-procedures, thus enabling the prevention of unnecessary investments for the companies.

« We do trust in the best out of Science and we do one of the most powerful thing the Science enables to do : accelerating the development of new therapies. »
Mathias CHATELAIS, ProfileHIT CEO.
  • ProfileHIT provides Blue Biotechnologies, Cosmetics and Agro-Food Industries, a way to accurately objectify their extracts, molecules or innovative compounds by determining their additional properties. This procedure generates industrial proprietorship and allows identifying additional application fields.
  • The « Premium Drug Profiling » offer provides Biotech companies and Pharmaceutical groups with a faster evaluation of the effects of a future drug in Humans

« Today, we think that the realisation of an early-profiling provides our customers with a faster and a safer market access »

Mathias CHATELAIS, ProfileHIT CEO.

« One of the main advantages of our strategy is that it is placed right before the animal-models’ step in the whole drug development process. Through the lens of the molecule’s effects in Humans, we are building a bridge between the beginning of the clinical trials in Humans, called « first-in-man » and the pre-clinical phases, filling a gap which currently costs 600 millions of Euros to the Pharmaceutical Groups.»

Ideally placed either in the early « lead-op » or in the candidates-selection phase, the ProfileHIT « Premium » offer brings a new reading point, for safer and more innovative compounds.

In your work, quick market access requires focusing on one ingredient activity only.

The innovative ProfileHIT concept for functional food players allows a simpler, faster market access through a
one of a kind defocusing strategy.

Let us explain this concept with a true story from a customer.
This client developed antioxidant extracts for a yogurt functional food.
ProfileHIT provided a broader spectrum approach and found a potential new immunosuppressant.

At this point in the project, our customer was able to switch from a yogurt with an additional unexpected
immunosuppressive property (no market possibility) to a new active ingredient that could be sold to the
pharmaceutical industry.

Think about your library of extracts, how many of them could have unexpected properties with an interest for cosmetical
or pharmaceutical players?

You could be sitting on a gold mine without knowing it!